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Wiper Blade Replacement in Waipahu, HI

Has the last couple of rainstorms been a real visual hindrance? Maybe your wiper blades haven’t been wiping away the water like they used to and are leaving streak marks across your windshield. It might be about that time to pull into our service bay here at Aloha Kia to get a fresh pair fitted onto your vehicle! Just like many other parts of your ride, wiper blades do not last forever, and will continuously wear down after an extended period of use. That’s where we step in to achieve optimal clarity! Come pay our Service Department a visit whenever you are free! We are located at 94-081 Farrington Highway in Waipahu, HI.

There are a handful of telltale signs you might encounter that will give you a better idea if you are overdue for a wiper blade replacement. First and foremost, you will hear them begin to chatter and make a squeaking noise as they struggle to make their way across your front window. This can also result in streak marks being left for your vision to endure during and after their use. The best way to know for sure is if you check from the comfort of your own driveway! Simply lift each blade up and closely look at each of them to see their condition. If they are withered, worn, stiff, or all three, it is certainly time for you to stop by as soon as possible. Stiff wiper blades can cause chips in the glass of your windshield, which will end up becoming a potentially costly repair.

Are you long overdue for this simple service to be completed? Don’t worry! We provide a handful of tools on our website so that you can expedite the process from the comfort of your own home without having to wait around here at the dealership. If you still aren’t positive if it is about that time to pay us a visit, you can either take a peek at your Owner’s Manual or scroll to the top of your screen and select the Service link. After that, choose your location, then click on the Ask a Tech form. This feature will put you in touch with one of our knowledgeable technicians. Available 24/7, once we receive your inquiry, we will work to get back to you as soon as possible with a detailed answer. If you would like to schedule an appointment, you can also do that under the same Service tab!

Has your clarity while driving diminished? It might be about that time to swing by for a wiper blade replacement in Waipahu, HI! We have flexible business hours and look forward to your visit.

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Wiper Blade Replacement in Waipahu, HI

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