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Has your vehicle been parked due to stay at home measures?


Here are some vehicle maintenance tips you can do at home.

  • Start and drive your vehicle every few days for about 15 minutes. This can help recharge the battery, prevent tire flat spots, and will help clean off any surface rust from the brake discs.
  • Check your tire pressure monthly. Tires typically lose about one PSI per month. To learn more about tire wear and tear, check out THE KIA TIRE SOURCE.
  • Now may be a great time to change your cabin air filter. Kia Genuine Cabin Air Filters help prevent pollution, airborne particles, exhaust gases, and organic debris from getting into your car's natural air flow.


The Kia Promise

As a way of easing some of the concerns experienced by Kia owners who may have expiring warranties but are unable to bring their vehicles to a Kia dealership due to COVID-19, we have launched the "Kia Promise" warranty extension program. If your warranty expires March through May, the Kia Promise program extends those warranties to June 30th, 2020.*


For those in need of vehicle servicing,

Aloha Kia has put additional services in place

to help ease certain worry or distress.


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